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The point of this is just to show that when you make changes to your profile, they're updated on Stripe. Stripe is the one and only canonical store of user data (the only "system of record") — there's no other external database.
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0MitchellStPeterMitchell St. PeterSan Francisco, CA
0IanHutchinsonIan Hutchinsonnull, null
0DarbySweenDarby SweenChicago, IL
0JaredKindyJared KindyCharlotte, NC
0KatherineLiuKatherine Liuca
0PabloHurtadoPablo HurtadoSeattle, WA
5MaltheSigurdssonMalthe SigurdssonMill Valley, CA
0MasonReevesMason ReevesScarsdale, NY
9drrDavid Richardson(No location saved)
3AarinSalotAarin Salot(No location saved)
2alexlandeAlex LandeSeattle usually
0userBMGvYChris Whiten(No location saved)
0MichiKonoMichi(No location saved)
1aywangAndrew Wang(No location saved)
15seaboltAlden(No location saved)
5jaeJae Choi(No location saved)
1mbpMartin Pool(No location saved)
0wesleyWesley Chan(No location saved)
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